Rockwell Automation Corporation

Rockwell, also known as Rockwell automation is a provider of various types of programmable logic controllers, of industrial varieties of automation, as well as various information solutions for business and enterprise. Rockwell includes more than just the Rockwell brand but also includes brands such as Allen-Bradley and also Rockwell Software.

On a global level, Rockwell is one of the powers in programmable logic controllers as well as in software and simulators. Rockwell automation is a spinoff company of the Rockwell international corporation that was begun in the early part of 2001. Rockwell was a part of the Entek system and when that was closed, Rockwell Automation began to go through a series of various changes and acquisitions.

Among the historical acquisitions are Propack Data, which has been renamed and is now Rockwell Automation Solutions, received in 2002, along with the former DataSweep, received in 2005, the former companies of ProsCon and Pavilion Technologies, which were received in 2007, as well as Incuity in 2008.

Today Rockwell Automation has its headquarters in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Rockwell is well known as one of the most innovative and the most freethinking industrial automation companies that can be found the world over. Rockwell is home to more than 19 thousand people who are scattered around eighty countries worldwide. Rockwell also believes in ethics in business and in their employee relations as well as their relations with their customers and consumers. So much so in fact that Rockwell has been named one of the most ethical companies in the world for the past three years in a row.

Rockwell holds the mission of their company, and in fact, of every company that lies under their umbrella to raise the quality and the standard of living for their customers. The products that Rockwell produce include things that are in use every day in the making of food, drink, pharmaceuticals, and even in automation for theme parks and factories which manufacture goods.

RSLinx from Rockwell is a communication server that offers you complete and total control of the plant floor of your manufacturing company and brings you a wide array of connectivity solutions for all types of Rockwell software applications and PLC's. More about RSLinx...

Rockwell Systems feature multiple different RSlogix platforms. They offer you a one-stop control center for drives, for motion and for controlling the entire process system that you need to control. More about RSLogix...

RSView is an HMI, or a Human Machine Interface where the use of machines and human controllers come together. More about RSview...

The Rockwell Corporation, also promoting and manufacturing Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers offes the Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC, which is one of the smaller modular Programmable logic controllers.And lets not forget a oldie but a goodie the PLC 5.
More about the SLC 500...

More about the PLC 5...

It is their belief that Rockwell products should be used to improve the safety for workers, to increase safety in plants and manufacturing companies, and to offer information and quality products that permit companies to be more secure and safe as well as more eco friendly and more energy efficient.

Their products assure that companies have what they need to make affordable and reliable products and that the products and software are available on demand of the consumer. In the recessional economy the Rockwell company believes that if companies and manufacturers are going to survive and help to drive upward to a new and more fulfilling economy they will need to have products that are smart and sustainable.They will need technology and safe practices to continue to rebuild a global economy. The factory that is eco-friendly, sustainable, energy efficient and capable will help to rebuild the economy.

Rockwell Automation makes it a habit that they help to provide the products that these smart companies need in order to thrive and continue to grow. Rockwell has been in the business of building automation, sustainable business products, and helping companies to grow for more than fifty years. They take pride in their customer service, in their commitment to quality and in their eco-friendly and safe company policies.

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