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Free PLC programming software -- You have a choice, an alternative to high priced PLC software.

PLC, or programmable logic controllers are a hardware component that is used to command or to operate nearly anything from a fleet of computers to the rides at an amusement park. Each component of the PLC can be united by a stream of controllers or all use just one, dependent upon the quality and the scope of the PLC which has been incorporated for use.

In addition to the hardware components the Programmable logic controller requires the use of PLC software that will assist in the interaction between the computers. In many cases the programmable logic controller software can be quite costly, the pricing being nearly as much as you paid for the actual PLC.

Many companies not only charge you for the item in question, but also for the plc programming software. You are required to pay a flat rate fee and in many cases even to pay for the license or site fees too. The cost for these items is sometimes well above 1500 dollars to use the software that is required. The software for your PLC has to be part of the process when you are selling or using a Programmable logic controller. Fortunately there are some bright ideas out there that make life a lot easier for the companies involved. In fact, there are some amazing free PLC programming software groups making their products available to companies as well as individuals.

The days of open source have made our lives easier even when it comes to software. Among the companies from whom you may expect to find free programmable logic controller programming software or PLC simulator software are some of the top names. While the packaging may not be as outstanding as those who require you to pay for their software, in many cases the software may be as well laid out and as easy to use as that which costs several hundred dollars.

Three PLC Websites to find
Free PLC Programming Software

One such company who has offered free PLC programming software since before many people actually knew what a PLC was is the New York based Entertron Industries. They began to give their software away in 1984, placing the software on the site for download back in 2004. Having done so, the Enteron Industries software has been downloaded a whopping 34 thousand times.

Open source software is good for everyone and literally everyone has been part of the groups which downloaded from Entertron, with the users including students, professors, industrial professionals and even end users as well as OEM's having taken advantage of the quality free programming software that Entertron provides. To take advantage of the Entertron free plc programming software you may download at

Twido, makers of quality programmable logic controllers also offer free downloadable quality plc software. Their free plc programming software is available to those who purchase their hardware or to those who do not. It is well rated by users and is available for download on the Twido Or Schneider Electric pages at TwidoSuite.

Allen Bradley with their new Micro800® Control Systems also offer free plc programming software which is available for download on their website. This new, inexpensive controller's software is called Connected Components Workbench. It is powerful in that it combines the controller programming, integrated configuration of devices along with an integrated HMI editor to make programming your project easier. The software from Allen Bradley can be found at Connected Components Workbench Software.

The number one complaint that one finds which is upsetting to business owners and PLC users is that they do not mind paying for the hardware components that they need and indeed expect to do so, but having paid a vast sum for the hardware aspects of the Programmable Logic Controller they believe that it is little more than robbery to require them to pay a major payout for the software that they require in order to use their new purchase.

The complaint is not an uncommon one and multiple companies seem to be listening to what they have to say. The next time that you are required to purchase programmable logic controller software in order to achieve the complete use of your PLC, consider switching to a company that does not require a purchase, but rather gives you the software that you need. In addition, consider some of the many fine companies which offer you free programming software rather than paying a high price for the proper software.

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