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If you are seeking more information, these PLC Books listed below cover many topics,  I reviewed one for Siemens S7, a basic book on Ladder logic, two that cover programmable logic controllors in general,  one on the growing need for Industrial Cyber Security and one for Allen Bradley’s Controllogix. Check out these recommended PLC books from Amazon at the  bottom of this page.

PLC Basic Course with Simatic S7: this book is suitable for trade schools, technical colleges as well as private study. Inside you'll find the arrangement functioning of the PLC, program processing programming, logic operations and program input, momentary impulses timing functions clock generators counters, comparators. It has practical examples with simulators. It has sequence control systems it talks to safety regulations and has an appendix with solutions.

Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems: this PLC book highlights issues that need to be addressed in industrial control systems. First an introduction to ICS or industrial control systems that include the business, cost, and competitive and regulatory drivers. It explains the difference between IT security and ICS security. The book also covers many of the threats to ICS such as hijacking malware, botnets, and  spam engines.

Learn How To Program And Troubleshoot Ladder Logic: is a very basic and very inexpensive Kindle book. This book's basis is RSLogix 5000. It contains: what is a PLC and What is  logic, Ladder Logic Instructions, Variables, Program Scan And Instructions, Creating A New Project, Defining And Creating Logical Code, Tasks Programs And Routines Input And Output Modules, Tag Types, Finishing The Code, and Wrapping It Up.

Introduction To The ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controller With Labs. This is a very thorough book much more so than the one above. This one has 29 chapters and a glossary. Some of the chapters are: Introduction to ControlLogix Hardware and RSLogix 5000 software, Understanding ControlLogix I/O Addressing, Introduction to Logic, Comparison Instructions, Data Handling Instructions, Introduction to the Get System Values and Set System Values Instructions, Introduction to the RSLogix 5000 Function Block Programming Language, Determine and Modify Personal Computers IP Address. Configuring 1756 control Logix modular Ethernet Hardware.

Introduction to PLCs: a beginners guide to programmable Logic Controllers: this is a very brief and basic book (and inexpensive) on PLCs. Only five chapters.

Intro to programmable logic controllers Third Edition. This book's  basis is also on Allen Bradley's PLCs. In this case, the SLC 500, MicroLogix, and PLC 5. Below are a list of the chapters:

  • Chapter 1 Welcome to the World of Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Chapter 2 Micro Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Chapter 3 Programming a Programmable Controller
  • Chapter 4 Number Systems
  • Chapter 5 Introduction to PLC Operation
  • Chapter 6 Introduction to Logic
  • Chapter 7 Input Modules
  • Chapter 8 Output Modules
  • Chapter 9 Putting Together a Modular PLC
  • Chapter 10 PLC Processors
  • Chapter 11 Introduction to ControlNet and DeviceNet
  • Chapter 12 Processor Data Organization
  • Chapter 13 The Basic Relay Instructions
  • Chapter 14 Understanding Relay Instructions and the Programmable Controller Input Modules
  • Chapter 15 Documenting Your PLC System
  • Chapter 16 Timer and Counter Instructions
  • Chapter 17 Comparison and Data-Handling Instructions
  • Chapter 18 Sequencer Instructions
  • Chapter 19 Program Flow Instructions

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