A PLC simulator makes learning PLCs and debugging easier. PLC software can be difficult to get the hang of, at times requiring a little practice in order to understand the correct functions and the full scope of a programmable logic controller. This is one reason why the use of a simulator may well be a wonderful teaching method for employees or students.

The wide use of programmable logic controllers in business and industry means that there are vast array of different companies who will require training for their employees. It's simply not practical that a purchase takes place for each employee who must use the software and study it.

Likewise the students of collegiate programs will also be well able to use the software in studies and for assistance in bug checking or bug tracking. Many different kinds of businesses depend upon the Programmable logic controller. Just a few examples of these will be theme parks and various kinds of machine shops, including some plastic and rubber extrusion companies. In order to know the foibles of a given software or hardware, it's imperative to study those.

Those Programmable logic controller developers who write ladder diagrams for PLC projects should also use a simulator and will find that it helps them a great deal in bug tracking as well as in the entire process. Each type of Programmable logic controller simulator software will permit you to run those programs without having attached hardware to the PLC software.

You may use a simulator for training in the PLC, for logic simulators, for programming tutorials, and for those who must use the PLC. Online is a great place to find the PLC simulator that you need. In many cases those PLC simulators are offered free of charge and are open source software so they are able to be improved upon and worked with so that you can build more than you originally had from the simulator.

Below are companies who offer free PLC Simulator software :

Entertron Eware

Entertron PLCs are sort of a combination of a PLC and a embedded controller. They are great for proprietary OEM systems for instance since once the program is burned to the EEPROM it cannot be uploaded and decompiled. Their ladder logic software is free and has a built simulator for testing programs when not actually connected to one of their PLCs.

TriLogi Simulator

TriLogi PLCs are micro - sized and inexpensive. Well suited for OEM applications and with somewhat unique programming software. Their software is ladder logic plus basic which makes for a very powerful little PLC. They offer their PLC simulation free for students and others interested in learning about PLCs.

Below are PLC Simulators that will require purchase:


The WIN PLC7 S7 Simulations SPS /SoftSPS is among the best of the simulator software that is out there. Its used very often In training for PLC training. The software is well laid out and easy to navigate, and available to download online.

RS Logix  Simulator

The RS Logix programmable logic controller simulation software is widely used for those who want to train workers, but is also downloaded by professors who are teaching the software and techniques. In addition it is a favorite student software that is widely downloaded to laptops for computer students.

These are just a few of the software programs that are available for your download. While it's not at all difficult to find the software online, if you're going to be using a specific type of PLC it may behoove you to find the simulator software that is most closely similar to those which you will be using.

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