Rockwell automation systems feature multiple different RSlogix platforms. They offer you a one-stop control center for drives, for motion and for controlling the entire process system that you need to control. Whether your company needs include a more high-performance type of control or simply a small system that is cost effective and value based, this software group can provide it.  This family of PLC software and its associated hardware comprises a huge installed base and many users who have grown along with the newer versions.

The RSLogix TM is a family of ladder logic programming software (and with version 5000, the five standard languages of IEC 61131) and hardware that will permit you to gain the ultimate in performance while saving time on the projects that you are doing, as well as to increase your productivity when it comes to nearly any job.

These programming packages were built specifically to work with the Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers from the PLC 5 to ControlLogix Line.  They were also built specifically to work with the windows software built by Microsoft and are specific to Microsoft operating systems. Your user interface and graphics look and feel are more familiar and easier to use with this programming family of software.

Among the many features of the software group is the ability to be easy to learn and cost effective, as well as flexible and easily edited. They also feature a very common look and feel so that if you're in the know about one type of setup, you're well able to manage and control all of them. They feature some enhanced methods of collecting data and helping to analyze those commonalities that you need to know, as well as offering you diagnostics and tools for troubleshooting that will allow you to get to the root of any kind of problem that you may see.

You might see RS Logix in use today in modern factories or in theme parks, or even operating entire light systems or buildings in order to achieve the kind of function and control that you need. Saving money and saving energy is what Rockwell Automation prides themselves in accomplishing.  Whether you're controlling a small maintenance building or an entire hospital, RS Logix has the power to give you precision control of your processes and to streamline the maintenance and analysis that you need.

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