RSView - Human Machine Interface

RSView is an HMI, or a Human Machine Interface where the use of machines and human controllers come together. It is a more full featured integrated means to monitor and to control the automation of your buildings, your machines, or your factory processes.

RS View is unique in that it is featured in multiple languages and is able to be used in multiple venues. Global use of RS View is possible due to the wide range of languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish, meaning that you're going to find the RSView nearly anywhere that you'll find Rockwell Automation components. It is being used as an interface between humans and machines in factories around the world, in hospitals, in theme parks, in buildings and even in dams and water treatment facilities.

RSView is also unique in that it is a streamlined means of interaction and offers virtually unparalleled connection to Microsoft Windows products, to other Rockwell components, as well as to custom and third party types of applications. The RS View brings you a wide array of support for a very large base of installed products, as well as continued support for extensions, for ADS (active display servers) for web servers of multiple different types, and for virtually any operating system you may find.

The RS View has functioned so well in literally any type of facility that it is considered the top HMI and there are no plans for any kind of retirement for RSView, meaning that it is both forward as well as backward compatible with your other HMIs. Currently the engineering investments are in place to support RS View for Vista, for Windows 2008, for VMWare, as well as for any operating system that Microsoft may put out in the foreseeable future.

The RSView was one of the first Human Machine Interaction tools to open their own graphics as OLE containers for ActiveX® controls, permitting you to select from literally thousands of other company, or third party controls made with ActiveX so that you may drop in more ready controls. It was also one of the very first HMIs to develop their own object models in order to permit some portion of their core functions to be able to come into use with other software components and to integrate Visual Basic by Microsoft as an on-board programming language that may be used in nearly unlimited capacities to help you to make better and more prolific custom applications and projects.

In addition, whether you're using the RS View to help you to achieve total control of a building, a factory, or a production line, you are able to use the many free tools that RS View offers you to allocate a means to get paging, messaging, alarms, to bring you data collection and simple alarm capabilities when the project that you're working with goes off schedule. The messaging system permits you to offer reports, data, or alarm sending to multiple different people so that everyone stays on the same page when it comes to needing to know.

Get real time and valuable trending studies and data collection with the RS View's TrendX, so innovative that it's been trademarked by the Rockwell Automation company. Get historical trends in your company and your products and know at a glance precisely what's happening and why.

The RS View HMI by Rockwell Automation is used globally in factories, in health care facilities, in production lines, in theme parks and in government facilities such as wastewater treatment or fresh water treatment with a remarkable success rate. Your use of the RS View will bring you the data, reports, messaging, and cost effective HMI that your company needs to continue to grow.

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