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RSLinx from Rockwell Automation is a communication server that offers you complete and total control of the plant floor of your manufacturing company and brings you a wide array of connectivity solutions for all types of Rockwell software applications and PLC's. It will aid you in communicating with  RSLogixTM 5/500/5000, along with the RSView32, your FactoryTalk┬« View Site Edition, as well as the and FactoryTalk Transaction Managers and nearly all other types of Rockwell applications.

Along the way, you can also use various add-on interfaces that are helpful for the third party HMIs, as well as analysis software that is necessary for the collection and analyzing of data in your facility. Additional open interfaces are offered to you for your use when it's necessary for you to add in the client applications software that you may have to develop or use. Not only does the RSLinx bring you the means to use Rockwell Automation software and hardware, but also your own custom developed apps.

Several types of are available, such as the RSLinx Classic, along with the RSLinx Enterprise, a relative newcomer to Rockwell automation. The duo of products can give you the means to get powerful and virtually unrivaled means to connect to any of the Rockwell automation Logix type processors.

The powerful and streamlined classic version is easily able to integrate and assist in using a myriad different types of software and applications at the same time while permitting you to communicate among a wide array of different kinds of devices on multiple different kinds of networks all at the same time.

The Innovative and smart business will be using the RSLinx enterprise services to offer data collection and distribution for FactoryTalk View Site style of products, along with the FactoryTalk Transaction Manager, as well as the FactoryTalk Historian, and FactoryTalk Metrics type applications. These products alone can offer any production facility the means to collect and store data, to analyze the data about their past operations as well as present ones and to compare notes and find the best and most eco-friendly and energy efficient methods of operation for your factory floor.

Along the way when you use the FactoryTalk View Machine edition you will get additional methods of keeping your production humming along and operating at peak efficiency when you are using the entire package that includes the patented and trademarked PanelViewTMPlus and Versaview platform for hardware.

It's easy to improve the communications that are taking place in your enterprise when you can communicate from any part of the plant to any other part or in fact, can go literally anywhere you want inside your production area or outside using RSLinx.

The user setup is quite friendly and offers a very low learning curve making it cost effective and easy to teach to your employees. The navigation is completely user-friendly and brings you a more intuitive graphic interface for the users that helps them to navigate the software and the network.

Whether you are routing over an inner office network or an ethernet setup that is plant wide, you're going to be able to use the ControlLogix gateway by Rockwell Automation to get your networks fully under control and to deal with any of the devices that you need to access on your plant floors.

Complete communications all around the office and plant are possible and the drivers that you're going to need are provided for you. You'll be one step ahead of the competition when you're using RS Linx with a complete driver set.Bringing you anything from the Allen Bradley network to the innovative and smart ControlLogix gateways, to giving you support for anything from PCMCIA to PC based networks or the serial port communications.

Get it all in the same place with easy to use and easy to integrate RS Linx. With a wide array of uses, it can give you the communications you need, the user-friendly interface that you simply have to have, and the kind of interaction for custom software that will keep your network online and running at peak efficiency.

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