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The Siemens PLC, one of the top names in programmable logic controllers, began operations in 1847, more than 150 years ago. Founded by Werner von Siemens, the company had its start based on a telegraph system that used a needle that pointed to the number sequences in use rather than a Morse code system.

Barely a year later, the Siemens Company built what was the first telegraph system that was long distance in nature in Europe, spanning more than 500 miles of space to accomplish communications. The early part of the 1850s saw Siemens again building telegraph lines across some uncertain terrain in Russia, and a monumental achievement, the Calcutta to London telegraph line in 1867.

Siemens today continues to show its worth in the field of communications, engineering and Programmable logic controllers by being an industry leader in these areas. Featuring products that span multiple disciplines and are used globally, Siemens Corporation is a well known player in the technology field.

Siemens is also well known for accomplishing difficult tasks in a quality way. PLCs, or Programmable Logic Controllers from Siemens are made to fit the requirements as surely as a tailor-made suit will fit the wearer.

The SIMATIC range is noted by those who use it as being particularly cost-effective as well as offering consistent proof of the ability of Siemens to provide outstanding PLC technology that is suitable for production and processing, engineering, diagnostics, and communications technology.

Whether you are controlling the tasks, integrating data feeds, Siemens PLC can afford you the means to accomplish the job. From very small and intricate needs to vast and complex, or even a fail-safe mechanism,  Siemens has been used to achieve it.

SIMATIC controllers have been called a "secure investment for the future", permitting the corporations who utilize the SIMATIC to rise to the challenges that any situation can call for in a far shorter time. Siemens PLCs are known to be flexible and responsive as well as cost-effective and reliable.

While many companies and corporations take pride in the vast complexity of their systems, Siemens takes great pride in the fact that their PLCS, as well as being fully programmable, also have the distinction of easy use. They are able to be easily operated by those who have no real knowledge in the user of computing systems.

Throughout the long history of the Siemens Company, despite difficult times and difficult situations for the corporation, Siemens has continued their tradition of excellence. For those who consider using the Siemens products, reality says that any corporation that is still in business more than 150 years after their inception obviously delivers a quality product and stands behind it.

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