Overview of Panasonic PLC Models

There are various Panasonic PLC products in the market today. These devices come with power, speed, and flexibility that is required in any automation process. Panasonic boasts of different series such as FPO, FP2, and FP Sigma among other Panasonic programmable logic controllers.


This comprises of an ultra-small and slim design that offers excellent space savings when installed. The product comes with 32 I/O points and 3 expansion units. With 32 I/O points, then the device can comfortable accommodate 128 I/O points which is also the maximum allowable number of I/O points. The product measures 25 X 90 X 70 mm (W X H X L) respectively, enabling organizations to save on space and money.

FPO PLC comes with up to 16 loops of PID and auto tuning. The system embraces floating-point math for PID computations, and this tends to be more accurate than integer PID technique. FPO is also expandable up to 3 expansion units on its right, and it is possible to mix match the device with analog, transistors, and relays. FPO comes with the capability to communicate over the network and more through the internet, and it can send E-Mail without the intervention of FPWebServer. Other key features associated with FPO include; Run time editing, Removable terminals, 1ms resolution timers, 4 high speed counters, 2 Axis Motion Control, Calendar time clock, and 2 Serial Ports.


This is essentially a medium-scale PLC with its height being less than 4 inches. It is also one of the most powerful rack based system in the market today.

This device as a motion controller comes engineered with the capability to control up to 64 axes, with an output 1 MHz pulse trains, or 256 network servo axes. In addition, the system boasts of less than 0.1ms response time, and has the capability to achieve a scan time of 1ms when handling a 20K step program.

The Panasonic FP2SH has the capability to support four types of networks, which are Remote I/O, MEWNET, Profibus-DP, and Ethernet. With this device, it is possible to install up to 8 units per rack which can all be supported simultaneously. To program, use the FPWIN-GR and FPWIN-PRO software which support object-oriented programming. These programming languages are windows based and they support 32-bit technology.

Other key features associated with FP2 are; Run time editing, Universal analog input, PID with auto tuning, floating-point math, Removable terminals, and High density I/O.

Panasonic PLC FPΣ

This provides medium scale functionality in its small size. It comes integrated with a RISC processor that can achieve up to 0.32 usec/instruction. FPΣ has the capability to support up to three serial ports that are configurable for the Modbus RTU. The Panasonic PLC FPΣ can also support PLC to PLC networking and Mewtocol. It also comes with a programming capacity of 32,000 steps and can provide support up to 384 I/O points.

Panasonic PLC FPΣ other key features includes; easy PID instructions with the capability to support up to 24 loops. It also comes with 4-Channels of in-built high-speed counters, 3 serial ports, 50ms interrupt throughput, Modbus RTU master/Slave communication, and advanced temperature control.

Other Panasonic PLC line of devices includes:

FPOR: this particular PLC comes with advanced functionality and combines superb performances that are superior to basic ultra-compact modes. There is also the FP impulse controller, the FPX PLC, and FPe PLC that combines timer, counter. It also comes embedded with an hour meter, and temperature regulator as one unit.

These products are backed up by live technical support that can be experienced through the telephone hotlines, e-mail, fax, chatting systems, and online contact forms. It is also possible to request a product trial to experience how it really works before fully committing resources on it. Technicians will regularly receive training support from the company, so that they best understand how these devices work.

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