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Omron PLC are well known as easy to use and easy to maintain well built PLCs. They bring a user friendly development to more complicated functions and problems, offering solutions to the most complex issues of control. The environment is an integrated one based in Windows which permits more ease of use.

Omron was established in 1933, more than 75 years ago. It began life as Tateisi Electric Manufacturing company in Japan. Omron has been a pioneer in innovative new ways to automate and to assist in the control of multiple kinds of systems. They have offered advanced technology to the world now for more than 75 years and continue to be regarded as a leader in the technology that they provide.

The Omron corporation provides programmable logic controllers to companies around the world, helping them to automate processes that until recently could not be automated due to their size or other issues. Smaller sized machinery that requires more power to control is often difficult to provide with programmable logic control.

The primary products of Omron company are programmable logic controllers which means that they Omron company can offer you an expertise that is literally unsurpassed. Their products are renowned for their ability to provide you with easy to use and supportive software that has a low learning curve, as well as the ability to handle any application in a flexible way from very small scale type operations to the largest of production lines. The products that Omron offers to the company or individual for their use include mid range programmable logic controllers such as the:

The SYSMAC CJ1 Series
These very small programmable logic controllers will offer you all of the function that you may need for nearly any small to mid range processes. They bring you the flexibility that you need for control of machinery all the way up to flexible configurations of systems.

A more high performance and an enhanced function Omron PLC which brings you all of the features of the SYSMAC c and more aside from that.

The world and industry are changing rapidly. We need to be prepared for the wide array of technological advances that can be thrown at us and prepared to meet those challenges in some cases at a moment's notice. Omron company can help you to be well prepared in advance to provide for the smooth operations of your mechanical devices when you are using the Omron family of programmable logic controllers.

The goal of the Omron company is to offer you and your company solutions to the many problems and the vast array of changes that can take place in a short time in any industrial or business environment. You will receive fast response times and precision control with Omron PLC or Programmable Logic controllers.

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