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Mitsubishi PLC is a well known name in the field of international electronics, usually associated with excellence and quality. More than thirty years ago, it was Mitsubishi who were the company responsible for getting the first small-compact variety of programmable logic controller on the market in Europe.

Since that day Mitsubishi has become one of the world leaders in the field of programmable logic controllers, supplying micro controllers, compact controllers and CPUs around the world to more than ten million customers and companies. Mitsubishi is recognized as a global leader in programmable logic controller technology, constantly striving to increase the usability and the features of their PLCs to meet the ever changing demands of industry today.

With their small dimension and the cost effective prices, the compact controller or compact PLC has literally opened up an entirely new world for companies today. New applications can be automated that were not able to be automated even just ten to fifteen years ago because of the work that Mitsubishi does on compact controller systems.

The benefit of automating a process simply can't be understated. It manages your business more thoroughly, freeing up personnel and lowering the overall costs that it takes to operate your business.

Currently Mitsubishi is in the process of launching yet another series of programmable logic controllers around the world. Their new series of programmable logic controller is the third generation of Mitsubishi programmable logic controller to help to automate systems across the country and around the world.

The FX3U
An entirely new series of programmable logic controller in the Mitsubishi PLC family is an extremely powerful controller of which Mitsubishi is quite proud. It will build on the family of controllers which they currently maintain while adding new scope and depth to the programmable logic possibilities.

The FX3U is setting a new standard for programmable logic controllers. The power and performance that this PLC offers you takes it to a whole new realm. What was previously the domain of the large systems of control is now possible using a smaller, more compact, as well as a more cost effective type of programmable logic controller. Companies will benefit by the ability to use the FX3U to control and maintain systems that could previously not be managed by a controller of this size. Largest systems can now be operated using a compact controller that is not only versatile and expandable, as well as flexible, but is also fully compatible with companies around the world.

This is accomplished by the use of a wide range of power supplies as well as international approval of the product and the work of the Mitsubishi company to assure that the FX3U programmable logic controller conforms to all of the major industrial standards around the world.

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