Micro PLC Models That Will Give You A Run For Your Money

The Micro PLC is small and highly integrated for a discrete (and even analog!) application in controls. Almost every industry or any other commercial businesses where electromechanical functions are carried out have realized the importance of the PLC for easy controlling of their hardware. Now the technical appliance market has a wide variety of these PLCs that come with great and amazing features on the product description tags.

If you hit the PLC market today, the many Micro controllers you will find differ greatly in terms of brand, analog configurations, model and also price. We can list some highlights on some of these Micro PLCs that often find their way to the consumers shopping cart due to their loved features.

One of the Micro PLC you can't miss in the market is the IDEC Micro Smart model. Comes in built with 14 inputs and 10 outputs and analog configuration modules of 2 in and 1 out with two thermocouples. An extra module is included to act as an analog out module. This one might burn some hole in your pocket say somewhere between 275 and 380 dollars. But when it comes to buying the best in efficiency, you don't buy cheap. More about the IDEC PLC...

If this model does not tickle your fancy, you can settle for the Panasonic NAIS FPO model. Just like the Entertron Smart PAK PLUS, it has 8 and 6 inputs and outputs respectively . A total of 3 modules are found in the micro PLC with 2 used as input and one serving as the output module. A total of 4 thermocouples are used in the modules. The Panasonic FPO model retails at 300 to 450 dollars in cash. But we all want quality so we wouldn't mind spending to get it. A 1 year warranty is offered during which you are free to experiment with the PLC. More about the Panasonic PLC...

Some of us like our gadgets small for easy handling and portability. In this age where miniature technological appliances are the in thing, why not shine with the Omron CPM2A model. This is one of the smallest PLCs you can purchase in the market. It has starting digital I/Os totaling to 12 for the in and 8 for the out. For the analog configurations in the PLC, a total of four modules are used distributed as 2ins and 2 outs. Alternatively, the modules can total to 6 with 4 ins and 2 being the out. 4 thermocouples can be used in the modules. More about the Omron PLC...

These are some of the half pint PLC models the market has ready for you if you are ready with the bucks. But some may need a more affordable solution. How about a starting price of $99 with free plc programming software?! Be aware that the free version is limited to 100 words of programming but if your project is small it may be all you need! Then the best bet is on the new DIrectlogic Micro PLC. The price/specs are enough to wow you. The amazing Micro controller has 8 built in inputs and 6 built in outputs. The modules are expandable to 30 I/O in total. The system works on both AC and DC power unit. The program and data capacity is stated as 6kb with two ports for the purposes of communication.

DirectLogic model supports networks like Proibus, DeviceNET, RTU master and slave and Ethernet. It comes with 129 instructions and four PID loops. What is even more amazing is its compatibility with the AutomationDirect ZIPlink wiring connections. More about the AutomationDirect PLC...

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