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The Koyo Company developed the KOSTAC Koyo PLC controller independently, building a stage programming type programmable controller that is easy use with easy maintenance. They are workplace geared to give you the best PLC available for the most cost-effective price. The Koyo company, a leader in the manufacture and development of programmable logic controllers has literally begun from scratch and worked their way to the top.

The various types of Koyo Programmable logic controllers are listed below, as well as a few of their specifications in order to help you better select those products which may be useful to you in your controlling needs.

The Direct Logic 05
The DL05 series PLCs bring you a wide array of features that you're probably not going to find in the competition. There are 6 I/O combinations. They offer you the chance to get into some far more advanced kinds of function so far as your programming than other programmable logic controllers with much greater ease.

The DirectLOGIC 06
The Direct Logic 06 is the first of the Koyo company's forays in the micro style of Programmable logic controller. It has 20 input and 16 output areas with options to expand the size so that you can attain up to 36 and 100.

With 2 com ports and removable terminals in blocks, the Direct Logic 06 also features real time calendar and clock as well as DeviceNetTM slave, Ethernet, CUnet, as well as the Profibus option modules and an option for a LCD display area.

With this kind of expansion and flexibility possible the DirectLogic 06 controller will find a wide array of uses in your company.

DirectLOGIC 205
If what you need is a fully flexible and a seriously modular type of programmable control system then you need the DL205. It is considered to be one of the most powerful of the low cost PLC options available for any company today.

DirectLOGIC 305
Another in the family of the Direct Logic programmable logic controllers by Koyo, the Direct Logic 305 is a very small, compact but powerful programmable logic controller which has been marketed by other companies for more than two decades. It literally changed the way that small PLcs are viewed with its vast accomplishments, its superb performance and the low price.

The programmable logic controllers which you see reviewed for you are but a few of the many that Koyo has developed for international use in companies and businesses all over the world today. Koyo PLC has a tradition for excellence that is apparent in the low price and the good quality of their programmable logic controllers. Customer service is rated as excellent and the product quality in most reviews is also rated as well above average.

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