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Hitachi PLCs has been in the business of programmable logic controllers for decades. They are typically very reliable in their PLCs as well as other electronics.

The Hitachi corporation has a long history of supplying the best in electronics to companies and individuals the world over. Global in nature, the Hitachi company is well known for their precision electronics and the programmable logic controllers that they supply are not an exception to this tradition of excellence.

Hitachi is currently among the leading companies in the provision of programmable logic controllers because of their strict attention to detail and their small size product. The compact products offer a great deal more flexibility in use than many larger products.

Every series of programmable logic controller that Hitachi produces offers a wide array of flexibility for expansion, a very extensive set of possible commands, as well as more possibilities for communication than the competition in most cases.

The Hitachi company features a compact series of Programmable logic controllers as well as other types of PLC. Their compact series is known the world over as being top range and high quality. They are suitable for low to mid-range applications which require precisions PLC interaction.

Micro-EH Series
The Micro EH series of programmable logic controller is a widely flexible and highly useable series of PLC that offers you high power and low size. The compact format makes a big difference in the usability of the Micro EH, going where other programmable logic controllers cannot. There is a broad array of modules available to permit you some very flexible use and a high level of fine tuned performance so that you can get the automation that you need from a small PLC.

Web Controller Series
If you need all of the advantages of the standard web and information technology built into your tiny programmable logic controller than the Web Controller series is for you. The range of possibilities that are possible for the use of this Programmable logic controller are simply mind bending. When the power of the web is part of what you need to make your PLC fully featured and useful to you, the Web Controller series is the only way to go.

The Modular Hitachi PLC
Slightly larger and a bit more performance enhanced, this series of very strong CPUs and vast array of modules will be useful in mid-range applications. They have a few more possibilities for larger series than most mid-range items can do. They may also be used with Hitachi's software to permit easy maintenance and fast -easy to learn programming.

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