Allen Bradley PLCs, the standard by which other PLCs are measured. From the very inception of the idea of the programmable logic controller Allen Bradley was there. Thirty years of history and experience is involved in every Allen Bradley programmable logic controller that you get, helping you to move forward, to exert powerful and expert control of your devices.

The Programmable logic controller was designed to provide you with the control solutions that you need for your remote mechanics. The Allen Bradley controllers offer some key ways to solve your problems and to give you what you need.

Solving the challenges of manufacturing and lowering your costs is the business of every business. Improving your output, increasing the quality and the flexibility that you have is your secondary aim. Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers are expert at those things. They bring to your business a highly customizable integrated solution to the control of your systems and devices. Your PLC will be up the challenges that you face when you select the Allen Bradley Programmable logic controller.

The Allen Bradley Programmable logic controllers help you in both time and money saving, as well as offering you a faster start-up. Your new fast start up time is a result of products that are pre-integrated--designed to fit together like pieces of a well oiled puzzle. From the beginning to the end of the operation, the maintenance will be far less and the need for programming will be minimal.

Allen Bradley is a part of Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture and offers controllers that are suitable for drives, for motion, and for process controlling. No matter what you need, if you have to have high performance or value based in your programmable logic controller system, you will find just the right controller with the Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers.

The many different offerings from Allen Bradley-Rockwell Automation Integration include the NetLinx, the Kinetix, and the Logix. All of these will offer you maximum capabilities, easy use, reuse capacity of program, flexibility in the communications system and fast easy use so that you can spend less of your company's time and money on the entire setup process.

Along with NetLinx open networks, Kinetix integrated motion and visualization products, Logix platforms provide the maximum in control integration, program re-use, communication flexibility, and overall ease-of-use so you'll spend less on setup, operation, and maintenance.

Allen Bradley uses five different types of programmable logic controllers. These different types of PLCs perform specialized functions. This allows Allen Bradley to use the best PLC for your company’s specific needs.

Pico Controllers are simple, as well as flexible and small, performing logic, counting, time and clock operations..

MicroLogix PLCs are a cost-effective solution for micro-control that will expand as needed.

SLC 500s are small, modular programmable controllers that are chassis-based. It is often the choice for I/O and power supply functions.

PLC-5 is the most popular Allen Bradley PLC and can be found worldwide, providing flexibility in networking, I/O and programming and being suitable for a wide variety of applications. .

1758-RTU is a programmable logic controller designed for rugged and harsh environments as a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).

From conception to implementation, any Allen Bradley programmable logic controller results in cost savings, increased productivity and satisfied clients.

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