ABB, in business for more than 75 years pioneered one of the first methods of distributed control in the early aspect of the 1980s. Today they remain one of the largest companies in programmable logic controllers today, with companies and automation installed in more than 100 countries around the world.

Of all the innovative new products that ABB has brought to the table in their years in business, they have, in the past thirty years, contributed more to automation and programmable logic than to any other.

ABB launched the first extended automation system in 2004 and very rapidly got some amazing acceptance of it and also won multiple awards for the devices ability to help to expand the reach that distributed control system offerings could give to companies, taking it into an entirely new realm.

Among the other products that ABB brings are the programmable logic controllers that can give you total control of your stand-alones and other equipment.

One of the most cost effective methods of purchasing programmable logic controllers, the AC500 PLC permits you to buy only what you need for the application that you will be using. You can purchase as little or as much as you require to accomplish your task and be secure in the knowledge that if you've undershot in some way, the mistake can be easily rectified by the purchase of other components that will bring you up to speed easily.

The AC500 programmable logic controller features extremely high reliability and a very economical design that saves space where you need it. The digital and analog are on board and this is a big part of where the space saving comes in.  The hardware on the AC500 programmable logic controller is compatible with other ABB PLC series so that you get a flexible system that can be expanded to fit your needs as your company grows and changes.

The AC500 PLC is a highly reliable PLC design which helps to lower the cost of your maintenance saving you both time and money over all.

Both the AC500 eCo and the AC500 are easily programmed in an assortment of six different languages that can be used, as well as giving you a shorter time for commissioning since the diagnostics that you will use are graphic displays. As your needs for more control and more devices arise, the AC500 is easy to upgrade giving you the power and control that you need.

The AC500 eCo is cost and time saving since it is compatible with the larger system-AC500 and the software permits that you can reuse the function blocks.With ABB PLCs, you get a better return your investment and a far more easy incorporation into your company, as well as energy efficient devices that can give you the solutions you need for your device management.

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