The GE PLC or programmable automation controllers that GE produces are well known in the industry as being a high quality solution for companies who have need of long lasting, flexible, methods of automation.

GE brings to the consumer or corporation a vast array of products which are designed to accomplish smart computing and "agile and reliable technology."

Not only does the company offer you a quality package that will give you an advantage in your industry, but they provide programmable logic controllers to industries who service defense, energy, and telecommunication requirements.

Among the many products that GE offers in the programmable logic controller field are the following:

PACSystems RX3i controller
The newest in the line of programmable automation controllers the RX3i is a single-control engine that is paired with a unique type of universal environment that helps to make your applications portable over a wide array of hardware choices. You gain a true kind of convergence over your choices in control when you use the RX3i. The controller features a 300 megahertz Intel processor and 10 megs of memory that is fully usable and helps to get rid of the requirement for more than one controller per system. You even have the ability for hot-swapping to help to keep your down time to a minimum.

Series 90-30 PLCs
A whole family of controllers, IO systems as well as modules that are helping you to meet the needs of your company for a versatile solution for your industrial needs. With just a single control setup and a highly modular design, the Series set of controllers is touted as being the PLC in charge of more than two hundred thousand different applications in the United States alone. Among those applications are meat packing, motion control, elevator controlling, injection molding control, mining control and even emissions control. If the Series set of controllers can do all that, what could you possibly come up with that it can't hand for you?

In addition to all this, the GE Series range of controllers is smart enough to bring you a full range of top notch options for communications including bus ports or just a high speed Ethernet connection option.

Whatever your needs for a programmable automation controller or a programmable logic controller, GE has something that will fit the bill. From small needs to large, you may select from micro-sized PLCs to the larger and more full featured variety that are capable of handling anything that you can throw at it. Quality and customer service are hallmarks of the GE corporation.